Charlie's nail art Christmas haul!

Hello everyone, today I have a nail haul of the stuff I ordered from a online website called Charlie's nail art. I kept seeing people use nail art stickers/ decals etc from this place and they all looked so pretty, so after finding it very difficult to choose as there is such a big selection of lovely nail art supplies I finally whittled it down and finally placed my order after ages of saying I would make a order, and extra bonus as it was black Friday weekend there was 20% off so thought it was perfect.

After ordering I was so excited to receive my order as I ordered lots of Christmas nail art goodies. I got a whole mixture of Christmas nail art stickers, nail art decals, nail art wraps and foils. Also as a little bonus there was 2 free little gifts and a lovely little note from Charlie which is so lovely, I love little touches like that.

Scroll through and see what I got, was quite a bit...oops...

How cute are these Christmas nail art stickers, I have already used a few of the stickers and they last very well on the nails. These make me feel so festive.

So, I picked up some Christmas nail art wraps as I thought these look so lovely and really wanted to try them out for myself, I have used nail art wraps in then past and they are a easy way to just add something more to the nails whether you do a whole look with them or just one nail, I will do a review on what I thought of these and how easy they were to do soon.

I also picked up a mixture of Christmas nail decals varying from presents, Christmas trees, candy canes, reindeer's etc. There is so many choices of these on the website.

Next up of course I had to pick up some glitter a this is what Christmas is all about. I decided to pick up Christmassey coloured glitters with a pretty blue one too. I also picked up a chrome powder which is in the little pot as I love chrome as it adds such a pretty effect to the nails.

I also picked up some striping tape, gold nail foil and some white snowflake nail foils. I am quite intrigued to try the nail foils as they look interesting, especially the snowflakes.

Last of all were these 2 free gifts which I think they do quite a lot when you spend a certain amount. Some angel paper sheets, I've never seen these before so I am pretty intrigued to use them and see what they are like.

There we have it, lots of new nail art for me to have a play around with, What was your favourite thing from this haul?

Hope you enjoyed the haul, you can find all the nail art goodies on the website- !

Keep a eye out on here and my Instagram for some Nail art looks using Charlie's nail art.

Thank you for visiting my little corner of the web. 😊💜

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