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Illusion nail stamping design!

Hello there everyone, so I am back from an unintentional little break from my blog. It's been a little while since I have posted a blog post, I was only going to be taking a week off, but then just kind of lost inspiration a bit for blogging and doing my nails, and so sort of ended up not posting for I think near enough a month, oops. But it was nice to have a little break away from it, as it can all get a bit overwhelming along with all the social media too & personal issues. Anyways, I am back today and wanted to do a nail stamping design, as I haven't done any nail stamping for ages and forgot how much I loved doing it.

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After painting my nails at the weekend, (this blog post was going to go up at the start of the week but I have been ill all week) the colours I used inspired me to create some sort of nail sta…

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